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Wilco Helpful Desk

Brian Coons August 31, 2010 Announcements

Welcome to the Wilco Helpful Desk! If you are reading this, you are a designated agent of the Wilco Helpful Desk with particular responsibilities assigned to you concerning different areas of customer care and interaction. The use of the Wilco Helpful Desk is fairly intuitive. Here are a couple of tips...

1. Hover over "Views" in the menu bar above to see the choices for viewing tickets- closed, new, unassigned, etc. Then just click on the view you want to refresh in your screen.

2. Click the "HOME" button to see your customized home screen on the Wilco Helpful Desk. On this screen you'll see a quick reference and stats on your currently assigned tickets and resolutions.

3. To create a new ticket, just click the green "Plus" sign in the menu bar. You can create a new ticket while on the phone with a customer, from notes you've created, etc. The possibilities are almost endless.


For help with using the features of your Wilco Helpful Desk, please contact the Administrator, Brian Coons at bcoons@wilco.coop.